Below are my stated policies on issues affecting Ypsilanti. This list will grow as I write my formal positions. Stay tuned, and feel free to ask questions.

As a community organizer and campaign manager I have continually worked to help our city become stronger and to end discrimination.  My passion and commitment for local politics drives me to do more for Ypsilanti, to help our future be the best it can be. By bringing people together and strengthening our relationships with our partners I can not only solve problems: I can get things done.
My family and I have lived in Ypsilanti for 28 years and I now have 3 generations living and growing in our beautiful city.  
Public Safety

I am committed to a safe, comfortable Ypsilanti for all residents. We all know the problems that have been happening nationally. Police violence against members of targeted groups is a shameful pattern that we must all deplore. Ypsilanti must not be part of that problem, we must be part of the solution. 

Click here for my complete Public Safety position.


Community Benefit Ordinance

I am committed to exploring a CBO thoroughly and strongly believe we need broad community input on this issue. There are significant inequities in our community in economics, education, and employment and a CBO could be a tool to address them.  

Click here for my complete Community Benefit Ordinance position.

City Owned Property

I am committed to marketing Water Street aggressively and helping take the expense of that property off this city’s hands. 


The best use of this property is likely the only viable use of the Water Street property: large, dense, mixed-use housing of some type. A healthy combination of housing, small businesses, and services will not only extend our downtown and increase our population for better use of infrastructure, it will finish the project created 17 years ago, putting this property back on the tax rolls again. Due to the multi-million dollar cost of remediating the extensive brownfield, this is the best hope for Water Street.

Click here for my complete Water Street & City Owned Property position.

Housing Affordability

Affordable housing is a vital need for all communities, and especially our city. Housing that is subsidized by one of a few programs helps our residents who are experiencing disability, poverty, or are elderly stay in safe and comfortable residences.  I am committed to doing everything possible to ensure that everyone has access to safe and appropriate housing in a location that suits their needs, not only in Ypsilanti, but across the county. People who are disabled, elderly, or dealing with poverty need to to have access to affordable, safe, and comfortable housing. That is a fundamental right that should be available to everyone.

Click here for my complete Housing Affordability position.


Transparency in government is a vital need to which I am committed. The near complete lack of reliable unbiased news media that covers Ypsilanti on a regular basis is a serious problem for our community.  


I am personally committed to transparency. I hold public Office Hours monthly, and have done so since before I was officially sworn in as a council rep. These events are open to everyone, regardless of where they live, what they want to talk about, or who they are. I also have held regular Town Halls targeted to specific subject matters since I began holding office.  


As Mayor, I will hold monthly public Office Hours. Additionally, I will hold 4 Town Halls per year, one in each Ward, and one at EMU. I want to be available to everyone.

Click here for my complete Transparency position.

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